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  Campaigning And Voting Guidelines

  1. Campaign Guidelines
    1. The Nomination Form filled in by the nominee is used as that candidateís entry on the Official Slate of Candidates. The Slate will be circulated throughout the College, and the respective entries provide each candidate with the opportunity to express his or her views and reasons for running.
    2. No time off is granted for campaigning.
    3. All candidatesí notices and election materials are at their own expense.
    4. Consult the campus election officer for any campus-specific rules regarding an election; i.e., posting and removing notices, the use of campus facilities for speeches or question and answer periods, etc.

  2. Voting Guidelines
    1. Students: A voter is permitted to cast a vote for one candidate in each constituency (South and Metro); and

      Staff: A voter is permitted to cast one vote in his or her constituent group; i.e., an administrative staff member is limited to voting for an administrative staff candidate.

    2. Ballots are counted with the assistance of at least one scrutineer.
    3. A candidate will be informed of the time for the vote count on the campus and may attend to observe the process.
    4. The election officer will rule on the eligibility of any ballot due to improper marking.
    5. The election officer may perform a re-count if a written request is made within 24 hours of the conclusion of the original count and the margin of votes is 10 or less.
    6. In the event of a tie in the College-wide vote, the Secretary to the Board will draw by lot to determine the winning candidate.
    7. Where only one nomination is received from across the Campus to represent a constituent group, that candidate will be declared elected by acclamation.
    8. Appeals concerning any act or decision made in implementing the guidelines for this election will be made directly to the Board. All appeals must be filed with the Secretary to the Board within 10 days of the official announcement of the vote. If at the expiration of the 10-day period no complaints have been filed, all election materials will be destroyed.

    Please contact the campus election officer for any clarification or interpretation of these guidelines.

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