About the BDA

The Bridgewater Development Association (BDA) is a registered non-profit society. A Board of Directors governs the BDA. Action Teams have been established by the BDA to utilize the skills and input of volunteers to realize the goals set out in our Strategic Directions.

Our Strategic Directions

  1. Attracting and Keeping Youth in the area.
  2. Housing and Property Development to meet a variety of community and business needs.
  3. Riverfront Renaissance which will see the continued positive development of the LaHave Riverfront. Learn more about the Riverfront Renaissance initiative.
  4. Marketing and Business Development. Presently, the Business Retention and Expansion Action Plan Implementation initiative is the main focus of this Strategic Direction. Learn more about our Business Retention & Expansion initiative.

Visit the appropriate sections of our website to learn more about what we are doing for these strategic directions.

The Action Teams of the BDA are:

  • Youth Action Team
  • Property Action Team
  • Riverfront Renaissance Action Team
  • Marketing and Business Development Action Team

The Board of Directors, the BDA Manager and the many volunteers who drive these strategic directions are proud of accomplishments of the BDA. The Town of Bridgewater, through its Town Council and staff, has been very supportive, involved and visionary in assisting the BDA with its many initiatives. In cooperation with development organizations, various provincial and federal government departments, the BDA has realized many of the goals set over the past few years.

ida-scott-about-pageVolunteers are the main ingredient and strength of the Bridgewater Development Association. With more than 80 volunteers representing youth, business, service organizations, business development organizations and education institutions, the pulse of the community is brought to our approach for achieving goals of the BDA.

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding our association and the services we provide.

Ida Scott
Manager, Bridgewater Development Association