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Nova Scotia Community College is a Province-wide system of training and education established in 1988. The College operates on a philosophy of open access to Nova Scotians needing occupational training. While the level of programming is post-secondary, upgrading programs are available to those who have not completed their high school education, enabling them to enter the post-secondary programs. Customized training programs for business, industry, and government agencies form a major component of the activity on every campus.

The 13 campuses for the College were brought together as a result of the merger of existing vocational and technical institutions in the province. The restructuring of vocational and technical education is the result of a renewed commitment by the Province of Nova Scotia to the training and retraining of its work force.

The mandate of the College includes the offering of certificate, diploma, and advanced programs in applied arts, apprenticeable trades, business, health, human services, technical and technology fields. Graduates of the College are competent and prepared to fill a wide variety of entry-level occupations relevant to the current needs of business, industry, and the professions. Over 13,000 students are enrolled on a part-time basis while maintaining their current employment. In addition, emphasis is placed on part-time learning opportunities for those requiring retraining when returning to the work force or changing careers.

The College offers more than 110 programs to a full-time student enrolment of approximately 7,500. In addition, many thousands of Nova Scotians enroll annually in a wide variety of occupational upgrading, continuing education, or general interest courses.

The College serves a vital role in Nova Scotia's long-standing commitment to education and is characterized by a flexibility which allows it to carry out its mandate to prepare young adults and workers for the ever-changing needs of a developing economy.

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