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Mission Statement

Building Nova Scotia’s economy and quality of life through education and innovation.


Our approach to education will be one that engages Nova Scotians in new ways to apply knowledge and skill. We will integrate our education with community building and economic development. The College experience will inspire confidence, reflection, and self-reliance, challenging people to make use of what they learn, for their own benefit and for the benefit of us all.


Student Success
We support, recognize, and celebrate student success.

We are committed to providing greater access to College programs and services.

We reach out to people to help connect our programs and services to their needs.

We develop our working and learning relationships from a foundation of mutual trust and respect.

We reward collaboration, diversity of expression, and decisiveness.

We value innovative ideas and actions that engage students, employers, and communities in learning and development.

Public Accountability
We are responsible and accountable for the public’s trust.

We believe that diversity in the College community is a strength that must be cultivated.


In response to technological changes and international pressures, Nova Scotia’s businesses are finding that to remain competitive it is necessary to make changes in their work environments. From an educational perspective, the business world is demanding candidates who possess global awareness, broad technological knowledge, and above-average skills in their occupational areas.

Businesses are looking to the Community College to provide individuals who are innovative, highly skilled, adaptable to change, and possess good interpersonal skills. Thus, the role of the Community College is changing to further meet the needs of the students and the community.

The needs are threefold:

1. To graduate individuals who are highly skilled in their occupational areas, adaptable, versatile, and capable of accepting greater responsibility.

2. To provide the expertise for constant updating of the present workforce as change/expertise demands.

3. To retrain or upgrade individuals whose jobs are threatened due to changes in technology or economic conditions.


1. To deliver programs that produce employable individuals who are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and competitive in occupational areas, and possess good interpersonal skills, global awareness, and an appreciation for excellence.

2. To develop training programs to serve students in response to the requirements of the community, business, industry, and government.

3. To ensure that all students have access to College programs, by offering educational upgrading at all campuses.

4. To develop a close liaison with the community to facilitate customized training, on-the-job training, and cooperative programs.

5. To maintain a collaborative relationship with other post-secondary educational institutions to offer students lifelong learning opportunities.

6. To offer the expertise of the College as a resource to the community.

7. To ensure that the College’s faculty, its primary resource, remains current through ongoing professional development.

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