Business Improvement District (BID)

Would you like to see a Business Improvement District in Bridgewater?

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are formed when local businesses join together to improve, promote and undertake projects that will result in a stronger and more competitive commercial main street or business district.

How it all started:

In September 2011, a consultation was held to assess initial interest in a BID for Bridgewater.

The outcome was a keen interest in a new identity for Bridgewater, a request to change the slogan "The Main Street of the South Shore" to something more comtemporary and competitive starting with King St.

A new bold brand identity for Bridgewater would open the door to consistent marketing opportunities, a stronger business district and a foundation for leveraging in further investment.

Bridgewater is SMART. Bridgewater is GROWING. Bridgewater means BUSINESS. It all sounds good, but you want more, don't you?

Is the timing right for a BID?

The Town of Bridgewater has recently completed a master plan of Downtown Bridgewater.

An aspirational area-wide campaign titled WhyHere? has been launched for Lunenburg and Queens Counties. Visit:

The Bridgewater Development Association has extented Investor Relations to include Showcase Days of the town aimed at attracting investors, developers and new business owners to Bridgewater.

The timing could not be better!

How does it happen?

A committee of local businesses who wish to work collectively to improve the economic potential of the King St. area form the backbone of a BID.

A campaign to rally participation will be the fi rst step to success. A BID requires member businesses to contribute to a levy or area rate, which is returned to the BID for special projects, marketing, events and other programming needs.

A BID will enable cross-pollination of business ideas, business development and collective marketing opportunities, and most importantly, a platform from which to leverage in new partner, political and financial support.

The range of activities that BIDs undertake may include:

» Branding
» Marketing
» Website
» Business Newsletter
» Signage
» Iconic Wayfinding
» Streetscape Improvements
» Cleansing & Maintenance
» Safety Improvements
» Shopfront Improvements
» Seasonal & Special Events
» Business Recruitment
» Business Incubation Space
» Wi-Fi Business District
» Professional Development

BID - Informational Brochure

Bridgewater Needs Survey

Property and business owners... Would a BID help Bridgewater? Let us know your thoughts!


Download the survey (PDF)
Completed forms can be returned to the address indicated on the form, or, call Ida Scott @ (902) 527-6278 to arrange for pickup.

BID Boundary Map

How To Get Involved

The Bridgewater Development Association will help any local business get involved in making things happen.

Futher details and information can be obtained from:

Ida Scott, Manager

Bridgewater Development Association
373 King St/Bridgewater/Nova Scotia

Toll Free: 1 (877) 222.2303
Phone: (902) 527.6278
Fax: (902) 527.6279
E-mail: Click here