Business Retention and Expansion Initiative


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The Bridgewater Development Association is very pleased with the results of the Business Retention and Expansion Initiative. An effort which culminated in national recognition for "An Outstanding Community BR&E Program" and an award of excellence for BDA Manager, Ida Scott, and BDA partner and certified BREI Consultant, Everett Backman. Efforts continue towards implementation of the goals and objectives identified during the data analysis phase.

bre_overview_2007A brief overview of the objectives of the BR&E program follow. A more detailed overview is available in PDF format by clicking on the cover icon shown on the right or here.

  • Demonstrate to local businesses that the community appreciates their contribution to the local economy.
  • Help existing businesses solve problems.
  • Assist businesses in using programs aimed at helping them become more competitive.
  • Develop strategic plans for long-range business retention and expansion activities.
  • Build community capacity to sustain growth and development.