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Why Bridgewater?
A businesses leader answers it best...

"Of all the places on this continent, Michelin chose Bridgewater because of the potential for long term growth, a pro-business environment and people with an excellent work ethic and quality of workmanship second to none. The Bridgewater facility is highly regarded by our Company. This has been proven by numerous capital investments over the past 30 years. As in most things, people make the difference in bringing technology and investments to life. There is a strong spirit of participation in the plant which is complemented by the support and cooperation of the community. The rich heritage and lifestyle the South Shore offers with its scenic and historic coastline, has allowed us to attract and retain an excellent group of employees - our most valuable asset."

George Sutherland, General Counsel and Secretary, Michelin North America (Canada) Inc.

Discover the Bridgewater advantage:

Strategic Location
Location, Location, Location = Bridgewater, Bridgewater, Bridgewater!

Economic Profile
Bridgewater is the 'Main Street of the South Shore'.

Overview of Bridgewater's technology infrastructure.

Training and educational resources contributing to a skilled workforce.

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Another endorsement...

"Locating in Bridgewater was a natural; we enjoyed a great deal of enthusiasm, business support and assistance from the Town of Bridgewater and the Province of Nova Scotia during the process..."

Keith C. Boulter, President, ECI Medical Technologies Inc.