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  Annapolis Valley Campus Middleton and Lawrencetown

The campus was created in 1998 through the merger of the former Annapolis Campus located in Middleton, and the former College of Geographic Sciences Campus, located 9 kilometres to the west in Lawrencetown. The new campus retains and strengthens the former institutions’ emphasis on and reputation for geomatics, information technologies and human services programming.

The Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS), a division of the campus, amalgamates programming in the Geomatics and Information Technology areas into one cohesive unit focused on high technology programming and industrial training.

The Middleton Site formerly known as the Annapolis Campus, is in Middleton, “heart” of the Annapolis Valley, approximately 154 kilometres west of Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia. Constructed in 1968, the Middleton site provides a wide range of technologically advanced, pre-employment programs designed to complement the needs of industry in the valley area and throughout Nova Scotia. A diversified range of programs in human services, applied arts, business and computer programming reflect the ever-changing needs of businesses and the communities served by the college. The Annapolis Campus was the birthplace of the popular human services programs of the NSCC, which began in 1990.

The Lawrencetown Site formerly known as the College of Geographic Sciences (COGS) Campus and prior to that as the Nova Scotia Land Survey Institute (NSLSI), had its beginnings after World War II when Major J.A.H. Church, DSO, MC, of the Royal Engineers, was hired by the Canadian Army as a civilian instructor to train topographical surveyors for the Royal Canadian Artillery. Until 1948 the school was operated by the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs. That year the provincial Department of Education took over and started offering the programs to the public. For many years the site was known as the “Survey School” and later the Nova Scotia Land Survey Institute, names still used by many alumni. The site is the largest trainer of students in the geomatics field in Canada. Training technicians and technologists in the fields of surveying, mapping, land-use planning and related computer programming has earned the campus an international reputation. The Lawrencetown site also houses five post-degree Geomatics programs in marine geomatics, remote sensing, geographic information systems and integrated studies in remote sensing, GIS, and business geographics.

Advanced Diplomas in Business Geographics and Marine Geomatics have been added to cater to the rapidly expanding employer sector, which uses spatially related information in their business decision making and marine geomatics technology. In 1997, the computer programming programs moved to the newly expanded computer centre labs and classrooms in the former Annapolis Campus in Middleton.

Applied Geomatics Research Centre
In 1999, with the award of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) funds ($2.3M), COGS set up it’s Applied Geomatics Research Centre in Middleton. The mandate of the Centre is to undertake research which applies the technologies of GPS, Remote Sensing and GIS to socio-economic and environmental problems, defined by government, NGO’s, academia and the private sector.

Students of the Applied Geomatics Research program benefit from the initial funding that put in place the necessary computer and data acquisition infrastructure to investigate several coastal zone management issues in Southwest Nova Scotia. Specific research projects include the development of a seamless DEM (digital elevation model) for the coastal zone using LIDAR, CASI and other digital sensors; the analysis of wetlands, salt marshes and the intertidal zone; monitoring changes in land use, especially forestry and agriculture.

Contact Information
Nova Scotia Community College, Annapolis Valley Campus
50 Elliott Road
Lawrencetown, NS  BOS 1M0
Telephone: (902) 825-2930
Fax: (902) 825-2285
E-mail: avadmissions@nscc.ns.ca
Website: http://www.annapolis.nscc.ns.ca

Campus Information
  • Full-Time enrolment:
  • 630
  • Part-Time enrolment:
  • 250
  • Full-Time faculty:
  • 80

  • Each site has a full gymnasium
  • Cafeteria facilities
  • Access evenings and weekends to computer labs
  • Intramural sports and recreation
  • Close proximity to hiking trails, fishing, and historical centers
  • 2 hours from Halifax; 1 hour from Digby Ferry Terminal
  • Daycare on site

    Full-Time Programs

  • Adult Learning Program
  • Applied Communication Arts
  • Applied Geomatics Research
  • Business Geographics
  • Cartography - Digital Mapping
  • Continuing Care
  • Cosmetology
  • General Arts & Science
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Geomatics Engineering Technology
  • Graphic Design
  • Human Services
  • Human Services Addictions Counselling Concentration
  • Human Services Educational Support Concentration
  • Information Technology
  • Information Technology Programming Concentration
  • Information Technology Systems Management/ Networking Concentration
  • Information Technology Web Development Concentration
  • Marine Geomatics
  • Planning: Land Information Technology
  • Remote Sensing
  • Survey Technician

    Part-Time Programs
    Click here to view the part-time studies and distance education courses at Annapolis Valley Campus.

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