People... the main ingredient for success!

Successful business leaders often state that their employees are their most valued asset. Bridgewater and the companies that establish here are fortunate to draw upon a labour force where dedication, pride of workmanship, and strong work ethic are long held traditions. A talented, skilled, and resourceful labour force with a high capacity to learn and adapt to changing market demands.

Many attribute these ethics to the spirit of the early settlers made up of culturally diverse peoples of German, Swiss, and French origin. Whatever the case, Lunenburg County is well known for producing world-class employees and business leaders.

Customized Education/Training Programs Available for Employers

The rapid pace of technological change and the globalization of today's economy require a well-trained and flexible workforce. One example of support resources available to accomplish this is Nova Scotia Community College's customized training which meets specific needs of organizations by partnering with them in the development of programs. Customized Training can be offered on campus, at the workplace, at an independent location, or through the Campus' modern teleconferencing facilities. Contact NSCC 902-543-4608 or visit their web site:

Additional information on education and training resources can be found in the Education/Training page of the 'Bright Futures' section.

Labour Force Overview

Bridgewater also has a young, relatively well-educated population which is attractive to employers.

Bridgewater Population 8241
Population 25-54 3180
Average Age 41
Unemployment Rate 9.6 %
Average hourly wage $7.50
Average family income $45,695
Average NS family income $43,109
Participation Rate 59.3%
Lunenburg County Population 47,591
County population 15 and over 40,026


Regional Labour Force

The region has a labour force of approximately 36,000 61%) and an unemployment rate of 9.6%. The labour force within and adjacent to the area is mobile and therefore offers access to total labour force for Bridgewater employers.

Within 30 minutes 36,000
Within 60 minutes 61,000 (excluding Halifax)
Within 90 minutes 112,000
Total Halifax & Area 191,000


Lunenburg County Population

Bridgewater 7620
Lunenburg 2568
Mahone Bay 991
Municipality of Chester 10,781
Municipality of Lunenburg County 25,570