Economic Profile Overview


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Nova Scotia is one of the few places in the world with a fully digital telecommunications network. We have the second-largest natural harbour in the world and excellent rail, road and air links to North America and the world. The second most temperate climate in Canada allows for an unparalleled 12-month construction season. A recent KPMG study found the cost of doing business in Nova Scotia to be the second lowest among 40 international locations studied. With the current Canadian exchange rate, this can mean up to an automatic 40% cost advantage over all US locations.

Well known as the largest commercial centre in the South Shore, Bridgewater with a population of 8,241 (2011) is home to a diverse number of thriving major manufacturers, technology industries, and retail and service businesses located in town or within close proximity. Bridgewater remains a strong service provider for a primary market of 49,400 and has a trading marketing population base of 75,000 (Halifax, Lunenburg, Queens, and eastern Shelburne Counties). Bridgewater also houses most major Federal and Provincial Government offices, which makes doing business here convenient and easy. New employers considering the advantages of locating in Bridgewater will also find that the Town has excellent capabilities at the Nova Scotia Community College for the design and delivery of specialized workforce training to suit individual business and industry requirements.