Public Education System


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For further information on area schools please contact:

logo-ssrsb South Shore District School Board and
South West Regional School Board Satellite Office

Box 380, Bridgewater, NS, B4V 2W9
Phone: 902-543-2468
Toll Free NS 1-888-252-2217
Fax: 902-541-3051


Additional information on Nova Scotia's education system can be found on the NS Department of Education Web Site.

Bridgewater Elementary P-6 (No.201)
130 York St., Bridgewater, B4V 1R3
Phone: 902-541-8240
Fax: 902-541-8250
Web Site:

Hebbville Academy P-9 (No. 142)
RR 4 Bridgewater, B4V 2W3
Phone: 902-541-8280
Fax: 902-541-8290
Web Site:

Bridgewater Jr-Sr High 7-12 (No.203)
100 York St., Bridgewater, B4V 1R3
Phone: 902-541-8260
Fax: 902-541-8270
Web Site:

Park View Education Centre 10-12 (No.253)
1485 King St., Bridgewater, B4V 1C4
Phone: 902-541-8200
Fax: 902-541-8210
Web Site:

West Northfield Elementary P-6 (No.241)
RR 2 Bridgewater, B4V 2W1
Phone: 902-541-8220
Fax: 902-541-8221
Web Site:

South Shore Alternate School
75 High Street, Bridgewater, B4V 2S7
Phone: 902-541-3030
Fax: 902-541-3031

Centre Scolaire de la Rive - Sud
20 chemin Petite Evangeline
Cookville (N.-E.) B4V 8Z9
Phone: 902-527-5100
Fax: 902-527-5102