Relocation to Bridgewater


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There are so many reasons why one might consider relocating to Bridgewater, to find the right environment for a fledgling business or an expanding business, or maybe looking for a new employee base or a new base to call home. Bridgewater is a town that offers significant growth potential and yet some find a more gentle pace of life here. Most people who relocate to Bridgewater are looking for both. 

If you have been spinning the globe or looking at a catchment area for a new business idea and Bridgewater has piqued your interest, here are a few avenues to pursue to capture a better idea of what opportunity lies ahead:

The Bridgewater Development Association is a good starting point, so we are glad you are here! The BDA can provide a thorough overview of the economic climate in Bridgewater, enable certain business decisions and signpost you to the right mix of people and organizations to fill in the gaps. The BDA has recently launched a Bridgewater Means Business campaign that provides a unique and practical view into the socioeconomic make up of Bridgewater. The Showcase Day is an event that takes participants from boardroom to street for a live look at business and available property in Bridgewater.

The people at Town Hall will always welcome an opportunity to show you around town. The Mayor of Bridgewater has a very approachable manner and celebrates the town he represents. For insight into the programs and support on offer through the Town of Bridgewater, this is a good point of call.

The Lunenburg and Queens Regional Development Association (LQRDA) has a team of professionals working out of the new Economic Centre in Bridgewater who are keen to share their collective knowledge on the region, business growth, workforce development and immigration. There is specific support for newcomers - covering high level advice, an invitation to dinner with local people and everything in between.

The local Nova Scotia Community College campus has a plethora of programs on offer and the faculty to support not only the in-class learning, but the cooperative education, community learning and apprenticeship programs that result in a very marketable and employable graduate base. The NSCC has business deveopment managers specifically tasked with understanding and building your business and worforce needs.