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The Town of Bridgewater aims to be a place that holds positive experiences for the young people growing up here. Bridgewater wants to be the town young people remember with a smile and good stories as they pack their bags for university, college, travel or their first job. Beyond that, Bridgewater wants to be the home to which people return.

  So, what's so great about this small town?

  • Being close enough to walk to school or your friend's house and feeling safe when you do, Park View Education Centre
  • Running for yourself or for your team at the HB Studios Sports Centre
  • Hitting Cherry Hill beach with your freshly-waxed board and carving up some waves on a warm summer's night
  • Popping ollies with your friends when the snow's thawed and the ground is calling for your skateboard, visit nearby Homegrown Skateboards
  • Getting some dirt on your bike at Miller Point Peace Park, find your route on Trails Nova Scotia
  • Sculpting your winning sand castle at the annual Rissers Beach competition in July
  • Sliding, racing, skiing, skating your way to a hot chocolate and chill out time with your friends at the Marc
  • Munching on a salty popcorn and chocolate combo with your 3-D specs on at Empire Studio 7 Bridgewater
  • Making some earth-friendly choices at the Growing Green Bridgewater Sustainability Festival
  • Celebrating the local music scene with The Little River Folk on the river's edge at King Street Court
  • Learning where your designing and crafting talent lies during Saturday sessions at the Desbrisay Museum
  • Finding your feet in the world with a course in Heritage Carpentry, Natural Resources Environmental Technology or Tourism Management offered by the Lunenburg campus of the Nova Scotia Community College


Make your own list! This is just the beginning...