Additional Medical Services


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A wide range of medical services and supporting institutions contribute to Bridgewater's healthcare offerings.

Audiology Family Physicians Physiotherapy
Holistic Health Care Clinic Specialist Physicians Pharmacists
Family Dentists and Specialists Registered Massage Therapy 7 Pharmacies
Provincial Mammography Optometry Dispensing Opticians
Care Program Ophthalmology


Emergency Medical Care (EHS)

Emergency Health Services Nova Scotia (EHS), a division of the Nova Scotia Department of Health is the emergency response service provider in Bridgewater. EHS is responsible for the continual development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of pre-hospital emergency health services in the Province (paramedic, ground and air ambulance, trauma and first response). Nova Scotia is the largest jurisdiction in North America to have a single medical dispatch centre. The operation provides a single point of access to all of the pre-hospital emergency medical care resources controlled by EHS.