Art Happening Bridgewater Introduction

The Bridgewater Development Association (BDA) achieves its goals through the work of Action Teams. Recently, there was a need identified by the BDA for supporting and encouraging the growth of Arts and Culture in the Bridgewater area. To respond to this need, the BDA Board of Directors agreed to establish the Arts and Culture Action Team. An Action Team can set goals and objectives to achieve its vision and can focus activities on reaching and setting new goals.

The main objective of the Arts and Culture Action Team is to bring together artists of all types to find ways to help new and start up art and culture groups grow and expand with the support of the Bridgewater Development Association. The experience and recognition of the work of the BDA is intended to bring positive attention and ideas to various Art and Culture groups so that they do not walk the road alone.

The Arts and Culture Action Team is working closely with the Afterglow Festival, which is planning its third festival and the group is experiencing some growing pains. The Arts and Culture team has identified "Art Happening" as a project they want to bring to fruition. The concept of Art Happening is to provide space for all artists to meet, share, socialize and grow their talent. It is a concept to share with the community their love for art and to help others grow and learn various forms of art.

The Art Happening project is supported by NOW Lunenburg County and hopes to create an Arts and Culture vibe in downtown Bridgewater, which can be expanded throughout the county.

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