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Grinders Square Park


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With the approval of the new LCLC located in Bridgewater NS, long term community and skatepark supporter Ida Scott, manager, Bridgewater Development Association, recognized the potential of using the momentum of the new lifestyle centre to establish a nearby complimentary skatepark. The Smart Skate Committee, a committee of Bridgewater Development Association’s Youth Action Team contracted with Spectrum Skatepark Creations to Design the park.  President of Spectrum Skatepark Creations, Jim Barnum asked that local skateboarders become involved in laying the guidelines for a design.  Bridgewater's skatepark design began with a wish list developed by a group of local skateboarders and community supporters, who formed a design committee. Jesse Watson owner of Homegrown Skateboards, skater Wally Gow, and architect with a skateboard background Logan Amos, co-ordinated with Scott and Jim Barnum to narrow down the design criteria. Several designs were presented by Spectrum Skatepark Creations and by Logan Amos.  Logan worked closely with Jim Barnum to finalized an acceptable design, which is presented on this website.

While Barnum developed a park design, Amos also informally worked on a separate design out of personal interest. As the designs were presented, the group recognized benefits within both designs and Barnum allowed the process to become a combination of design ideas. The combined efforts of architect and skatepark designer resulted in a hybrid of flowing transitions and street style obstacles. The general layout establishes two main platforms on either side of the parks footprint. One side offers a large flat area with ledges, banks and flat ground obstacles. While the other side offers a split level terrain with faster slopes and transitions. Both sides are seamlessly connected by a valley of banks and transitions, providing comfortable spacing between the fast and high areas, and slower more technical obstacles. While the park includes Scott's site requirements of a Pavillion and connecting trails to the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre (LCLC), the design uses the 9000 sq. ft. area to the fullest potential and incorporates a large variety of obstacles and areas for all types of bikers, skaters and local community participants.

The plan is to provide landscaping over time which ensures that the skatepark is located in a park like setting.

logo-smartskateThe Bridgewater Development Association has given land to the Lunenburg County Multipurpose Centre Corporation (LCMPCC) for the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre and has given additional land for the purpose of a skateboard park on the site of the LCLC.  The Town of Bridgewater has agreed to lease land for the skateboard park from the LCMPCC for the purpose of a skateboard park and to assume responsibility for operation, maintenance and insurance of the skateboard park.  The Smart Skate Committee takes on the task of raising the money to complete the permanent skateboard park.  It is estimated that it will take several years to raise the money to build this skatepark.

What would it look like?



The preliminary design for the proposed permanent Skateboard Park is shown above.  Click here for larger images.

Smart Skate Brochure

smartskate-brochureSmart Skate is a Sub-Committee of the Bridgewater Development Association’s (BDA) Youth Action Team. Click on the brochure for more information and how to get involved.

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