Bridgewater Marina


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marina-photo-web-01In 2004, the Riverfront Renaissance Action Team, an Action Team of the Bridgewater Development Association, was formed and began focusing on revitalizing the LaHave River, which runs through the Town of Bridgewater. The Bridgewater Development Association has a mandate to market and grow the town and has a Strategic Plan based on a number of values – one of which is “Our River”, as the BDA believes that development should respect and enhance the attributes of the LaHave River which flows through the middle of our community.

As a result of several community consultations, including public meetings and surveys, the Riverfront Renaissance Action Team prepared a Concept Plan in 2006, which focuses on enhancing and revitalizing both sides of the LaHave River, from the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge to Shipyard’s Landing on the west side of the river, and from Veteran’s Memorial Bridge to the Port of Bridgewater on the east side of the river. One of the projects identified in the Concept Plan is to work with the Port of Bridgewater on the development of a marina. A marina committee (sub-committee of the Riverfront Renaissance Action Team) was formed in December 2006, and in 2011 said committee formed the Bridgewater Marina Association (BMA) as a not for profit organization.

The Bridgewater Marina Association has been in discussion with the Port of Bridgewater and the Town of Bridgewater, who both own land near the LaHave River, where a site for the proposed marina has been identified. Both parties are open to entering into a lease agreement with the Bridgewater Marina Association which will allow the BMA to seek funding to develop a marina.

The Bridgewater Marina Association intends to construct and operate a municipal marina as an extension to Mariner’s Landing Park. The primary objective of the marina is to provide opportunities for boaters in the Lunenburg and Queens Counties area to dock and moor their boats in the LaHave River and to attract visiting boaters from outside of Nova Scotia and outside of the country. Another objective of the Bridgewater marina would be to provide a safe haven for boats visiting the south and southwestern shores of Nova Scotia and would provide services and amenities close to a port. The intent is that the Bridgewater marina would attract boats from New England states and beyond and would provide a good experience for visiting boats with the attractions found on the LaHave River and within Lunenburg and Queens counties.

Proposed Bridgewater Marina:

The Bridgewater Marina development is proposed on portions of 233 and 237 LaHave Street, which are lots located in the southeastern portion of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia (Appendix A). Each property is currently owned by different landowners (233 LaHave is owned by the Port of Bridgewater, and 237 LaHave is owned by the Town of Bridgewater), however, both parties are in the process of entering into a long-term lease agreement with the Bridgewater Marina Association to accommodate the marina development on a portion of both properties.

The Bridgewater Marina Association (BMA) has developed a preliminary conceptual site layout of the proposed Bridgewater Marina (Appendix B) on the subject lands.

The current plans contemplate the following features and amenities:

  • A floating dock system consisting of 33 boat slips, which will accommodate commonsized recreational vessels (motorized and sailing). The BMA intends to determine the number of slips to be installed and reserved for local users and visitors upon completion of this feasibility study.
  • A marina facility, consisting of approximately 830 square feet, which will provide administrative office space, washrooms, storage, and other ancillary services typical with a marina operation (e.g., laundry and showers, etc.). The building, and marina area, will likely be manned by at least one staff person throughout the boating season.
  • Other common marina services for boats, including but not limited to electricity, water, an on-site sewage pump-out system, and possible on-site boat storage space. The provision of fuel services is a possibility.
  • Vehicle parking, walkways connecting to the adjacent Mariners Landing Park, landscaped sitting areas and benches, and lighting will also be provided on the subject property.