Re: Proposed Business Improvement District

As many of you know, the Bridgewater Development Association has been introducing Property and Business Owners in Bridgewater Downtown to the benefits of forming a Business Improvement District (BID).

To date, the BID Steering Committee has identified a proposed BID District and members on the Steering Committee have been delivering information to Property and Business Owners. All of the information which has been delivered is also available on the BID website at:, including the Steering Committee Terms of Reference and Questions and Answers. The committee has organized a number of events to bring Property and Business Owners together, including

1. A public meeting on September 20, 2011

2. A public meeting on November 8, 2011

3. A public meeting on June 6, 2013

4. A public meeting on October 3, 2013

5. A Coffee morning on January 22, 2014

6. A Coffee morning on February 27, 2014

7. A Marketing session held at Digital Fusion on March 27, 2014

8. A sponsored BBQ held on King Street on May 12, 2014

9. Our Steering Committee members have visited Property and Business owners several times during 2014, with an information package and a survey which many of you have completed.

We recognize the importance of consistent and dedicated work regarding the BID project; and with the financial contribution by the Town of Bridgewater, the Bridgewater Development Association has hired Bernice Theriault as the BID Project Coordinator on a short-term part-time basis. Bernice is well known in the area as the former Award Winning General Manager of the Comfort Inn on North Street, Bridgewater. Under Bernice's leadership, the Comfort Inn achieved five Choice Hotels International Gold Hospitality Awards and the highly coveted Platinum Award. In 2011, Bernice was chosen as the Women's Business Alliance "Woman of the Year" at the 57th annual convention of Choice Hotels International, Inc.

Bernice is a Charter Member of the Toastmasters Club – the River Talkers in Lunenburg County. Toastmasters awarded Bernice their "Lead by Example" award as well as its triple crown award for achieving three educational awards in one year.

Bernice is a past board member of the Bridgewater Development Association and a past board member of the Bridgewater area Chamber of Commerce.

We are very proud and fortunate to have Bernice working on the Bridgewater BID project and hope you invite her into your businesses to have a healthy discussion about the pros and cons of having a Business Improvement District for Bridgewater.

Yours truly,

Ida Scott
Bridgewater Development Association