Committee Updates

October 2009 - Riverfront Funding Announcement Photos




(Left to Right)
Beverlee Brown – member, Riverfront Renaissance Action Team, Mayor, Carroll Publicover - Mayor, Town of Bridgewater, Ida Scott – Manager Bridgewater Development Association, Gerald Keddy – MP, South Shore – St. Margaret’s, Rob Keevill – Chair, Riverfront Renaissance Action Team, Darren Lipsett – Chair, Bridgewater Development Association Board

November 2007
We have released two communication pieces regarding the Riverfront Renaissance Initiative. We invite you to view our PowerPoint presentation and read the Concept Plan (PDF). As always, we welcome feedback from interested individuals and a convenient form is provided on the Public Input  page for that purpose.

May 2006 - Web site launch
The Riverfront Renaissance Action Team wants to continue keeping the community involved and informed. This website is where people will be able to come and find out what the committee has been up to and most importantly provide feedback using the convenient form on the Public Input page.

October 2005 - Public Meeting
A successful public meeting in October of 2005 gave the Action Team lots of energy and good ideas. The meeting proved that the community is interested in developing the riverfront to its true potential. Many of the suggestions and ideas that flowed from the public meeting are identified on the Public Input page.