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pdf public meetingTo successfully accomplish the vision and mission of revitalizing the Bridgewater Riverfront will require more than the efforts of one group. It will require a collective, unified effort from many levels of society.

Our elected representatives, town administration and staff, the business community, organizations, and of course the residents all have an important role to play. Given that it took the collective energies of these groups to build a thriving, successful town it only stands to reason that they are the very same groups who possess the skills and vision needed to shape its future.

The first public meeting held in October of 2005 yielded a wide range of public input. The results of that meeting and the input received is available in PDF format. You can click the document cover shown on the left or here to access the report.

If you would like to provide input or feedback to the Riverfront Renaissance Action Team you can use the convenient form shown below or simply email the action team.

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