River Restoration - Outdoor Classroom

Class is in session—in the bright sunshine!

The River Restoration Committee needs your help to build a new outdoor classroom for children of all ages on the banks of the LaHave River in Bridgewater.

Our plan envisions a community green space and park with butterfly gardens, project demonstrations, interpretive panels and all kinds of ways to explore this special natural area. There will be a seating area that can be used as an outdoor classroom where students from local Bridgewater schools can come and learn all about the wonderful plants and animals we share our world with and how we can help protect them.

At the same time, this project will stabilize the riverbank, improve wildlife habitat for aquatic and terrestrial species, create an enhanced riverbank which helps prevent pollutants like storm water runoff and sediment from entering our river. We'll also be improving our water quality and aiding in addressing the continued changes to our environment due to climate change.

We are seeking donations to help us make this project a success; by donating as little as five dollars and telling everyone you know about this project you can help build a fun, recreational green space for our community that also protects our precious ecosystem. Our community identity is deeply connected with our environment, and this project will foster ecological values and give our children and grandchildren a place to play and learn!

You can donate by visiting our crowd-funding page.


Help us help the community!

For more details on this project visit the
Bluenose Coastal Action Facebook page.