Riverfront Renaissance FAQ

Like any great endeavour there are bound to be questions raised concerning the myriad of issues that result from an undertaking of this magnitude. As the action team identifies common questions or areas of concern we will post them on this page.

How can I get involved?

Many Bridgewater Residents have already gone out of there way to be involved with the Action Team. There was a successful turnout for the public meeting held by the committee in October, 2005. Feedback is an important part of the planning cycle and you can contact the Action Team using the form on the 'Public Input' page or by email. You can also become involved by simply taking pride in the community and supporting the businesses who are promoting waterfront development.

What will happen to parking on King Street without the parkades?

This is obviously an important issue and a special sub-committee is working in concert with town staff to identify all options for review.

Will there be any changes this summer?

As indicated on the Gallery of Possibilities page the Town of Bridgewater together with the Riverfront Renaissance Action Team is looking into the possibility of placing a water fountain in the LaHave river between the two bridges. The fountain would add a scenic focal point to the already beautiful river in the summer season.