A family decision to move to Bridgewater is most likely driven by the appeal for better living and a more affordable way of life.

Bridgewater is home to Park View Education Centre, a Grade 10 -12 International Baccalaureate World School with excellent athletic and fine arts programs on offer. The new local Centre Scolaire de la Rive-Sud offers a complete academic program in French providing a program for children as early as four years of age. On the outskirts of Bridgewater, the South Shore Waldorf School is an accessible independent school with a far-reaching reputation for educating the individual and draws young families into the area year after year. A new school strategy is in the works with a focus on sustainability and the creation of memorable educational experiences for children growing up here.

Families and young people with a love for the great outdoors will be well within their element on the South Shore. Bridgewater promotes active living with an extensive network of trails and parks. The Town of Bridgewater has a comprehensive Active Transportation Plan, as well as Sustainability Plan, both initiatives aim to create a more accessible, environmentally-friendly and affordable way of life for Bridgewater's residents.

Bridgewater has a vision to be a town that offers excellent healthcare provision to families with every person having access to a family GP. Plans are in the works to extend the local healthcare service with one-stop clinics for Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Physical and Complementary Healthcare Professionals.