Bridgewater is one of very few communities in Nova Scotia to show consistent growth in population and economy. Between 2001 and 2006 Bridgewater's population increased by 4.2% compared to the Province's increase of 0.9%. Between 2006 and 2011 Bridgewater's population increased by 3.7% compared to the Province's increase of 0.6%.

The trend has continued in recent years with Bridgewater's ability to attract new business and residents to the area. With a sharp rise in Halifax housing prices and challenging statistics on rental availability, Bridgewater is getting more attention as a town offering affordable housing in new residential neighbourhoods an hour's commute from Halifax. 

A microclimate is enjoyed by the community of Bridgewater. Relative humidity and a slightly elevated aspect overlooking the LaHave River offers warm summers and moderate winters compared to some parts of Canada. This climate is not only good news for those who enjoy less extreme temperatures, but it is also good news for crops. The surrounding area of Bridgewater is home to vineyards, berry farms and market gardens, representing an area of economic growth for the region.

Bridgewater is a town that enjoys the blend of old and new. The town is renowned for the South Shore Exhibition, a week-long agricultural fair that attracts thousands of people to the area in July. While honouring the past with this century old celebration, Bridgewater is also building a leading model of sustainable and green urban living and has introduced the annual Growing Green Festival that celebrates green community initiatives.

Music and theatrical culture is alive and on stage in Bridgewater and the ties to the LaHave River are as strong as ever with a vibrant boating community residing close to the river's edge. Bridgewater has immediate ambitions to establish a contemporary recreational marina on the Lahave in Bridgewater and embrace a return to the town's roots of using the river daily for enjoyment and employment.

Bridgewater is a town brimming with opportunity, with arms open to new business, innovation and economic growth. Those choosing Bridgewater include entrepreneurs looking for a healthy economic environment in which to launch their business, residential developers, light industrial growth sectors, agricultural investors, medical professionals, young families from the city, out of province and abroad, retirees, surfers, boaters, lovers of the great outdoors. Some are choosing Bridgewater again and are coming home. 

Everyone is welcome.