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grow-bridgewater-logoSmart growth for Bridgewater area
Community celebrates daily progress and development

The explosive amount of growth in Bridgewater could make you wonder whether there is some magical ingredient in the water that would explain the town’s popularity. The truth about what’s happening in this booming community may be less whimsical, but it’s certainly just as astonishing and captivating.

The facts about Bridgewater’s growth speak for themselves.

Annual population growth was 3.7% between 1996 and 2001 and 4.2% in 2006 while over the same period Nova Scotia saw a decline in growth and a modest increase of 0.6%. The number of dwellings grew 7% in a span of 5 years. Assessment value is growing annually as well, and housing values increased by 10% over the last 4 years, yet still remain below the provincial average, continuing to make Bridgewater an attractive and affordable place to live. A strong tax base has resulted in a 16% increase in tax revenue over the past 5 years that has come mainly from growth revenue, ensuring the town is able to provide much needed on-going infrastructure and service investments.

Development is abundant. Unprecedented amounts of residential and commercial ventures aim to attract and support the population in their golden years, and at the moment, construction is underway of Bridgewater’s largest apartment complex to date. The hospitality sector is also jockeying to get in position for the continued growth of Bridgewater, and renovations, expansions and new construction are a daily activity.

Big and small make it all work. Home to a business park that boasts a consistent base of industry, Bridgewater is ripe for the picking in land prospects at prices that might make developers blush, and it will soon hold on its borders the much-anticipated $30+ million dollar recreational centre. Local small business remains part of the backbone of the economy of Bridgewater and area. Continued new business creation sets out to meet the needs of niche markets and a thriving and growing service sector supports it all.

One would be remiss to fail to mention Bridgewater’s natural asset that runs straight through the heart of the town; the river and the ‘million dollar’ view it makes. The community is well aware that it needs to preserve and enhance this asset and recently secured an investment by the Government of Canada of more than $400,000 for the revitalization of downtown Bridgewater.

Over the last decade, as Bridgewater has grown, progressed and gained momentum as one of Nova Scotia’s most attractive communities, it’s been doing so in a quiet and deliberate way, in a style that befits its tendency to not want to toot its own horn.

However, this is about to change.

There is a whole host of progressive business leaders and development agencies that contribute to Bridgewater’s welcoming and cooperative business climate. With several new growth initiatives underway, these folks want to take time to celebrate current achievements and look to the future with anticipation of what is to come.

They also want to show the world why it’s a smart choice to call Bridgewater ‘home’. They’re doing this because they know that sharing the excitement is part of continuing Bridgewater’s ride on the growth train toward sustainable prosperity for this region.

“We want to host an event that gives our community a chance to celebrate our successes to date and prepare to take advantage of the opportunities that are upon us and await us in the future,” says Bridgewater Development Association (BDA) Manager, Ida Scott. The BDA is the lead development agency that has been behind many of the initiatives and work that keeps Bridgewater’s growth at the forefront.

So in a style befitting its culture, a community event is being announced in which anyone can attend to learn more, share successes and celebrate while enjoying a complimentary breakfast. The public, partners, and developers are invited to attend on Thursday, April 22nd 7:30 am – 9:30 am at the Michelin Social Club. If interested in attending you are asked to RSVP by calling 902.527.6278 or by visiting

Also partnering on this event is the Town of Bridgewater itself. With a recently developed strategic plan and sustainability plan in their back pocket, Mayor Carroll Publicover is energized by what the future holds.

“We are pleased about the growth in our community and the efforts of the Bridgewater Development Association to stimulate and initiate growth. This event is sure to get us talking, celebrating and working together,” says Mayor Publicover.

“And if you’re not available to attend the event”, reminds the mayor, “visit to hear some of the stories about what’s happening and to discover how you can get involved in helping Bridgewater continue to grow. We can all play a part”.


Ida Scott, Manager
Bridgewater Development Association
P: 902-527-6278 C: 902-521-7878
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