The Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre is a reality!


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PRESS RELEASE – For immediate release by the Lunenburg County Multi Purpose Centre Board of Directors

The Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre is a reality!  The Centre will be constructed on Wentzell Drive in the Bridgewater Industrial Park at a capital cost of approximately $32M.

Today in the office of Paul Belliveau, Chairman of the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre, Mayor Carroll Publicover, Town of Bridgewater and Mayor Don Downe, Municipality of the District of Lunenburg announced with pride that an agreement had been worked out for their share of the funding for the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre.

“Over the past few weeks the councils and members of LCLC have had some tough decisions to make.  We have heard from you to build what we can afford.  We believe we have done just that.  We have put a total of $8,850,000 on the table – a significant reach for both units”. 

When we add that to the Government of Canada’s $10,350,000 and the Province of Nova Scotia’s $10,000,000 we are bringing an impressive $29,200,000M to this important project!

Our Capital Campaign Team, under the leadership of Michael K. Power, QC, is poised and ready to begin their work to raise $2.5M to $3M to add to the total.

When the campaign is successful, with support from the people of Lunenburg County, it is anticipated we will be in the $32M plus range. 

That will allow us to build a Centre with the first-ever indoor aquatic centre, one NHL size ice pad, a new library, multi purpose and active living spaces.   It is our intention to design the building to accommodate future development such as a second ice pad.  We will also look for other ways to shave costs. Our architects assure us we will build a quality building, within our budget constraints, one of which we will all be very proud

Thank you to Mayor Downe and Mayor Publicover, their respective council members; the Federal and Provincial Governments and the outstanding volunteers who have brought our Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre to reality! 

In a joint statement, Mayor Publicover and Mayor Downe said, “This is much more than a funding announcement; it is another testament to the level of cooperation between our two councils.  We are investing together in a project that will make our region stronger.  LCLC has been a catalyst to see where else we could be cooperating.  Today is not just about reiterating our commitment and cooperation and partnership with LCLC, but other projects that will benefit residents of Lunenburg County and beyond.”

“Now the focus shifts to you, the people of Lunenburg County.  We encourage you to take part in this once in a lifetime campaign and to make a gift that may be larger than you ever thought yourself capable of making -  a gift that will give back to you and future generations of your family for many years.  We have a team of outstanding volunteers from across this County poised to make this happen.”

Let’s all celebrate this day – another step toward the completion of the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre.  The project will now go in to high gear.  Please welcome the campaign team when they come to see you – remember they are volunteers and they are giving their time and talent along with their financial support!

For more information contact:

Paul Belliveau
Chairperson, Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre
902 543-4278 office
902 527-6605 cell
902 543-4979 home

Mayor Don Downe
Municipaltiy of the District of Lunenburg

Mayor Carroll Publicover
Town of Bridgewater