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faucetSomething in the water?

Some magical ingredient in the water could explain Bridgewater's popularity but the truth is far simpler... yet just as appealing!

Bridgewater is a beautiful town of tree lined streets, friendly people, ample amenities, and an unhurried pace, nestled in the heart of the LaHave River Valley on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. A thriving commercial centre offering a variety of pleasant neighbourhoods and lifestyles.

Residents and visitors enjoy a wide variety of services and attractions and business leaders will discover a welcoming and cooperative business climate.

Browse around our web site and find out more about Bridgewater. Just in case you are wondering about our water, it happens to be some of the best in Canada thanks to a modern water treatment plant.


david-walker-mayorA message from Mayor David Walker

I am proud to be involved with the Bridgewater Development Association as a member of the Board of Directors. The BDA recognises the potential for development and success in Bridgewater and is instrumental in engaging the different sectors of this community to take part in celebrating what this river-side town has to offer.

The BDA has a consistent message for Bridgewater – Bridgewater Means Business – evidenced by the continued growth of this town as a service centre over past years. During a time of global recession, Bridgewater has grown from strength to strength. The BDA understand the big picture and have the experience and knowledge to support economic growth in this town.

When the finer details need attention, the BDA can signpost you to the right specialists in real estate, financing, planning, marketing, expansion and retention. If your company is thinking about a new business endeavour, adding to your development portfolio, expanding or moving your facilities and staff to a new community – look no further.

Bridgewater is at the heart of the LaHave River on the South Shore of Nova Scotia – a beautiful town of tree lined streets and friendly people.  It is both a thriving commercial centre and a town for good living. With a championship golf course, walking trails that span the town, short drives to beautiful white sand swimming beaches and now, an exciting new development – the Lunenburg County Lifestyles Centre – to be opened in 2013, what is not to like?

But it is not just about preference. Bridgewater is a smart business decision. We have the proof and our professional community are here to share their stories.

We are proud of Bridgewater and I, personally, would like to invite you to come and spend some time in our town and outlying areas. If you are interested in the development opportunities available to you in Bridgewater, I can assure you, as a business leader you will discover a welcoming and cooperative business climate here.

Bridgewater is ready to show you what we are made of, I do hope you have the opportunity to visit us soon!

- Mayor David Walker