A look at the LaHave River...


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galleryOver the past several years, the Town of Bridgewater has opened the viewing plane and the use of the river with the addition of parks and walking trails.

Take a look at the Riverfront Photo Gallery.  The gallery shows a variety of views of the LaHave Riverfront. A few of the Riverfront's many attractions are mentioned below:

Shipyards Landing

This park has become an attraction for families and visitors as it offers an expansive view of the LaHave River.  People use this park for picnics, playing and walking.  The park has a boat launch and day boat docking facilities.  Access to the river for canoeing, kayaking, sailing and power boating has been truly enhanced by the creation of this park.  Shipyards Landing has become the preferred location for many special events.  During 2006, the Bridgewater Fire Department will complete its project which is the construction of a bandstand in the park.

Mariners Landing

This is a pretty park, which is nestled along the LaHave River.  It can be accessed from LaHave Street.  A clear view of Shipyards Landing is possible from Mariners Landing.  Families and visitors find this a quiet park to meet friends, have a picnic or just sit and read.  An avid walker or jogger can follow the trail along the LaHave River from the Old Bridge, behind the Bridgewater Mall to LaHave Street and along LaHave Street to Mariner’s Landing.

King Street Court

This park is barely visible from King Street.  Once in the park, you can find solitude as you view the LaHave River.  A gazebo and an amphitheatre are the main focal points of this park.  Children’s programs are popular during the summertime at this park.  The park has become an attraction for wedding photos.  A quiet place to read and watch the river interspersed with shopping along King Street.

Potential for development...

Several businesses have capitalized on the fact that the LaHave River runs by their doorstep.  The River Pub has an outdoor balcony overlooking the LaHave River.  Plans are taking shape for potential development on King Street but many more opportunities abound.

Imagine your business sitting on the LaHave Riverfront.  The River is a natural location for cafes, specialty shops, condominiums and boat docking facilities.  Explore the potential of purchasing property on the riverfront.  Put your business ideas to work in Bridgewater.  Talk to the Bridgewater Development Association about your business ideas.

Riverfront Renaissance Info

For additional information regarding our Riverfront Renaissance Initiative we invite you to read the Concept Plan (PDF) and view our PowerPoint presentation (PDF - 8MB).



Heritage Banners

Sixteen pole banners were created, each with an original design based on a Bridgewater historic and cultural themes. 

Riverfront Renaissance Heritage Banners

Click here to see the banners and read information about each one.

Aerial Photographs For Sale

Aerial PhotosHigh resolution aerial photographs are now available for purchase through the BDA. Proceeds to support the Riverfront Renaissance initiative! Our Riverfront Action Team is working on a number of initiatives related to the enhancement and further development of the LaHave Riverfront.

View the online gallery...