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Workshop Series for skateboarders and those who want to try skateboarding


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logo-smartskateThe Smart Skate committee which is working toward having a permanent Skateboard Park for Skateboarders in the Bridgewater area will lead a series of workshops for schools in Lunenburg County.

Workshops are open to those who know how to skateboard and to beginners.  Please sign up at your school for the workshop.

Workshop Schedule

October 22, 2011 @ Pentz Elementary School
October 28, 2011 @ Petite Riviere Elementary School (Noon to 2:00 PM)
November 3, 2011 @ Hebbville Jr. High (3:15 to 5:15 PM) - CANCELLED
November 9, 2011 @ Hebbville Elementary School (2:15 to 4:15 PM)

Instructors:  Wally Gow and Jesse Watson.


Above: Pentz Elementary School Skateboard Workshop held on October 22, 2011.
Instructors:  Wally Gow and Jesse Watson.
Photo credit: Heidi Jirotka.  For more photos go to:


Above: Skateboard workshop offered by Smart Skate on October 28, 2011 at Petite Riviere Elementary School.
Instructors:  Wally Gow and Jesse Watson.
Photo credit: Heidi Jirotka.  For more photos go to:

Below: Skateboard workshop at Petite Riviere Elementary School, held on October 28, 2011.
Photo credit (all photos below): Ida Scott (Click images for a larger view)
Below: Skateboard workshop led by Jesse Watson and Wally Gow at Hebbville Elementary School on Nov. 9, 2011.
Photo credit: Heidi Jirotka.  For more photos go to:


Topics to be covered in each workshop are:

  • Safety
  • Skateboarding basics.
  • How the flow works.
  • There will be a pairing of skaters and time for guided practice.
  • How to prepare for a skate competition.
  • How to compete in a skate competition.
  • How the judging is done in a skate competition.
  • Demonstration of various tricks.
  • Time to practice various tricks.

The workshops will be 1 ½ hours long.  Bring your own skateboard and helmet.  Helmets must be worn.  We hope to have a few skateboards and helmets available for those who do not own skateboards.

Instructors for the workshop are:

Wally Gow - Bridgewater
Wally is 32 years old.  He has been involved in the skateboarding scene for 15 + years and returned to skateboarding in April 2010 following a twelve year break.  Wally is the father of a seven year old skateboarder and enjoys visiting skatepark with his son.  Wally rides for DBF Clothing and Limitless Skate and Snow.  Wally is a member of the Smart Skate Committee in Bridgewater, which is working toward raising money for and building a permanent skateboard park in the Bridgewater area.  Wally was recognized by the Town of Bridgewater during 2011 for his volunteer commitment to having a permanent skateboard park in Bridgewater.

Wally brings much knowledge, passion and his skills in teaching his young son to skateboard to this workshop.

Jesse Watson – La Have
Jesse is well known in the skateboarding community as the owner of Homegrown Skateboards, which manufactures high quality skateboards.  Jesse carries the philosophy of Homegrown skateboard into his daily life, which is a commitment to youth and positive youth development.  He has a skateboarding bowl in his shop which he opens to the public.  Several times a year, Jesse hosts an all ages show and celebration.  Jesse continues to provide a forum and venue for alternative youth culture, including skateboarding, music and visual arts.

Jesse is a familiar face for skateboard competitions around the province.  He has participated in competitions and has judged competitions and he is always ready to provide help and assistance to those starting to build a skateboard park and to those who want to excel in skateboarding.   Jesse is an avid skateboarder and has been skateboarding for about 18 years.  He brings a great deal of knowledge to the skateboarding community, is well respected as an elder skateboarder.  Jesse will impart his knowledge to younger skateboarders during this workshop.

These workshops are sponsored by the Smart Skate Committee, Bridgewater Development Association and made possible with assistance from the Town of Bridgewater and the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg. 

The cost of each workshop is $125.00 which will cover instructors and travel.  You may wish to charge each participating student a fee or you may have funds you can draw upon.

Smart Skate is working toward creating a permanent skateboard park
in the Bridgewater area and will have a display during these workshops.  There will be an opportunity for youth to sign up to help with the creation of the new skateboard park. For more information about this initiative, please click here.

Note to Schools: 

  1. Please let us know the best date and time for hosting a workshop at your school.  Workshops will take place from Mid October to Mid November 2011.
  2. Please let us know the location you have at your school for the workshop (a paved area is needed – parking lot, tennis court or outdoor basketball court).
  3. We do have access to 10 skateboards, elbow and knee pads and helmets for skateboarding in school gymnasiums.  Therefore, if you wish to hold the workshop inside, we can accommodate this number.
  4. If the weather is not suitable for the outdoor workshop for your scheduled date, we can reschedule or alternatively,  Jesse Watson, owner of Homegrown Skateboards has offered the use of his indoor skateboarding bowl at Homegrown, located upstairs at LaHave Bakery, LaHave.

To book your workshop, please call the person who contacted you or call:

Ida Scott
Manager, Bridgewater Development Association

220 North Street, Bridgewater, NS
Phone: 902-527-6278
Cell: 902-527-7878