Strategic Location

Retail / Commercial Locations


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Bridgewater has a number of commercial sites well suited to a variety of business applications. These range from traditional main street storefronts to a modern mall, plazas, and commercial office space including stately older properties that have been zoned commercial.

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Bridgewater Business Park

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The Bridgewater Business Park is located close to the boundary line of the town and is adjacent to Highway 103, the main highway along the South Shore. It is the only industrial park within Bridgewater and is managed by the Bridgewater Development Association. It has a total of 210 acres of serviced land and is zoned 'IN-Industrial' which allows for a wide range of permitted uses including industrial and many commercial applications. Bridgewater's largest employer, Michelin North America (Canada) Inc, is located within the park. Both sewer and water services extend through the park. The Bridgewater Business Park is the highest density of light industrial development within the county and as well, is the prime area for development. The Bridgewater Development Association (BDA) also has unserviced land available on the East Side of Bridgewater, which is zoned for residential or commercial development.

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Transportation Infrastructure


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Due to the extensive web of transportation links surrounding Bridgewater, the town is often referred to as 'the Hub' of the South Shore. Access, both into and out of the community is what makes Bridgewater ideally situated for business, industrial development, and living.

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Where In the World

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The Province of Nova Scotia is located on Canada's East Coast and covers an area of 55,500 sq. km. The mainland is connected to the Province of New Brunswick and the remainder of Canada by the 28 km isthmus of Chignecto. The Canso Causeway joins Cape Breton Island to the mainland of Nova Scotia. Bridgewater, Lunenburg County is the largest centre on Nova Scotia’s South Shore (land area of 13.35 square km). Situated on the LaHave River, Bridgewater is 15 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and strategically located 100 km south west of Nova Scotia’s capital city, Halifax.




BR&E; Outcome Charts

BR&E Outcome Charts

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